Production workshop

         Production workshop

Company Main Office Building

         Company Main Office Building

Production Process

         Production Process

Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd.


Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd. Is a limited liability company restructured from Kunming Plant Chemical Plant and is a state -controlled medium-sized scientific and technolofical enterprise. The company has strong technical force and has 16 senior technical research talents in plant chemistry, bioengineering, phamaceutical chemisty, essence and spice, including 4 doctors and masters studying abroad.


Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd. Is a smell and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprise based in Yunnan and relying on resource advantages. Natural spice products, characteristic plant extract products and functional food pharmaceutical accessories products are the products are the products of the company's core competitiveness. Our company will work harder under the new situation to provide the best and best for the development of Chinese food, tobacco, essence and spice based on the scientic research advantages of plant chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and essence and spice resources in Yunnan and the national cultural resources of Yunnan.


Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd. has made another brilliant achievement for Yunnan Tobacco with its natural harmony and sweet fragrance, and has provided products and high-quality services with perfect characteristics for Chinese food and medicine.


Yunnan is a beautiful place, a rich variety of characteristic fragrant raw material base in China and even the world, and the palce people all over the world yearn for most, the beautiful red earth plateau and colorful Yunnan welcome friends all over the world.


Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd. Sincerely hopes to cooperate with friends from all sides to create a better future.


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