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         Production workshop

Company Main Office Building

         Company Main Office Building

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         Production Process

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Yunnan Oriental Spice Co., Ltd. is


  1. Executive Director Unit of Yunnan Food industry Association

  2. Executive Director Unit of Yunnan Spice industry Association

  3. the national industry food supervision and inspection of qualified enterprises


superior resources, high-tech advanced technology, distinctive modern enterprises


Since its establishment, the company has made full use of Yunnan's unique natural and three-dimensional climate conditions and rich natural plants, medicines and spices.


Using the leading technical strength in the fields of plant chemistry, bioengineering and phamaceutical chemisty, we have researched and developped series of natural perfume essential oil products, featured rare perfume, phamaceutical auxiliary products, food oligosaccharides and glycosides products to provide matching services and qualified products for food, perfume and tobacco enterprises at home and aboard, which are well received by users.。



From 2005 to the present, it has successively passed ISO-9000-2001 and ISO-9000-2008 international quality management certification, it passed the QS certificationof the National Production in Kunming City, Yunnan Province in 2010 and has been a qualified of flavor and essence of Yunnan tobacco tow red group for many years, brand cigarette flavor and additive products qualified units.

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