Production workshop

         Production workshop

Company Main Office Building

         Company Main Office Building

Production Process

         Production Process

Product Development


Modern management and high-quality products


The company has a perfect management organization and a complete set of modern management system, The company has technical quality inspection detartment, procurement and sales department ,production department, office and other institutions under the general manager's control, and also has a more advanced product packaging workshop and a standardized warehouse for raw materials and finished products.


technical quality inspection


The whole process of product production from the beginning of raw material purchase to the end of products sales is under strict monitoring, so the unqulified products will not leave the factory, Therefore, for a long time, the quality of the products is excellent, the ater-sales service is earnest, and they have been praised by customers such as tabcco.


advanced product packaging workshop

From 2005 to the present, it has successively passed ISO-9000-2001 and ISO-9000-2008 international quality management certification, it passed the QS certificationof the National Production in Kunming City, Yunnan Province in 2010 and has been a qualified of flavor and essence of Yunnan tobacco tow red group for many years, brand cigarette flavor and additive products qualified units.


production departmen

Since its establishment, the company has made full use of Yunnan's unique natural and three-dimensional climate conditions and rich natural plants, medicines and spices.


Xiang Jia Lan Dou and its extract

Our company independently developped 22 varieties of natural spices with independent intellectual property rights, of which 13 varieties are used for feeding high-grade famous brand cigrettes products, There are 9 flavoring and functional glycosides products and health product additives for medicines, daily chemicals and toothpaste essence.


Plum 1-3 # extract

All kinds of products have unique and pure fragrance and highlight the characteristics of their respective products. Among them, the cigarette perfume is a functional cigarette material liquid, which has a good promotion to the fragrance and taste of cigarettes, Medicine and other fragrances also play a very good role in protecting the bond.


Yunnan small coffee and its extract


Aloe gel products


Olive oil products

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